//Working Our Way Through The Corona Pandemic Lockdown

Working Our Way Through The Corona Pandemic Lockdown

The flare-up of Coronavirus (COVID-19) began in Wuhan, China and has now spread around the world. As we gradually realize that, the entire world is fighting a pandemic circumstance experiencing COVID-19 additionally called coronavirus. India, along with the other nations, is also experiencing an extreme time. Our fair PM Narendra Modi Ji has taken some preventive measures with respect to the battle against Coronavirus. India is secured and locked for 21 days and counting. COVID-19 casualties are expanding step by step in India. India is confronting its greatest crisis in decades, with a three-week lockdown in a country of 1.3 billion individuals is prone to bring about a monetary downturn, a large number of employment misfortunes and conceivable starvation among poor people. 

WHO is working intimately with worldwide specialists, governments, and other associations to give guidance to the nations about prudent and preventive measures. 

An outbreak of COVID-19 affected the entire world and has left a scathing effect across businesses. The world’s second-biggest economy, China came to a standstill. Its flare-up is declared as a national crisis by the World Health Organization. In India, the three significant supporters of GDP specifically private consumption, investment, and trade would be foreseeably affected due to COVID 19.

We cannot disregard the fact of the matter, that the flare-up of COVID-19 in China is significantly deterred to affect the economy, including economic slowdown, trade, supply chain interruptions, commodities, and logistics.

So, to contain the spreading of the novel coronavirus, we must avoid taking potential risks and follow certain practices vigilantly, such as:

  • Wear a Mask 
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Avoid crowded places
  • Maintain social distancing 
  • No close contact
  • Use alcohol-based sanitizer

We, at Hybrid Agri Biotech Pvt. Ltd, are supporting India right now by playing our respective social duties. We have additionally secured our research centers, homesteads, and laboratories, fundamentally the entire business. Abiding as true residents, it is our obligation to follow the rules of lockdown prescribed by the legislature. We have also concluded that not a solitary penny will be deducted from the compensation of the laborers working in our organization. We will pay them their full compensation for March and April as quickly as time permits. 

And furthermore, we demand all of you to not deduct the compensation of any representatives and laborers working with your association.

Are we working? Truly, we are working towards our social obligation by actualizing full lockdown protocol in our lab office. Some fundamental exercises which should be carried out on a day by day basis are being implemented such as, on watering the plants and dealing with nursery ranches. Laborers working there are practicing social distancing while monitoring and taking care of their respective tasks. Additionally, we are working in 60% employee rotational shifts which implies that an individual who came to work today shall not return for the following 5-6 days. This will help in maintaining a strategic distance from the spreading of COVID-19. We need to comprehend that this lockdown is for the individuals by the individuals. In the event that if we won’t follow the rules, at that point we are the ones who will endure the results.

Our delivery administrators are working on delivering pending requests; we are attempting our best to transport them hygienically as quickly as time permits. Working at Hybrid Agri Biotech Pvt.Ltd is done in a sterile environment which means complete safety from harmful microbes. So the spreading of any infection in our nursery or labs is out of the question. We, at Hybrid Agri, demand each resident to follow all the required measures and rules of the lockdown and to avoid potential risk. Furthermore, we demand everybody to stay home and help out the government. We are grateful to all the people working in essential services and cops in the nation who are fighting for our safety and wellbeing.

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