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Plant Tissue Culture Lab

HABPL has highly sophisticated and advance tissue culture facility at scenic rural area of Bangalore which is recognized and certified by Department of Biotechnology, Govt of INDIA. HABPL facilities are managed by highly qualified and experienced team.

We are the recipient of 2017 – 2018 Women Agripreneurship Award conducted by INDIAN CONVENTIONS (Indian Agri Business Excellence Awards).

Our LAB is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Media Preparation Facility:

Our media preparation facility is equipped with dispensing system, with a capacity of 100 liters media preparation per day. We have automatic media preparation facility, a specially designed unit for mixing media.


Autoclaving takes care of the media sterilization. In addition to the standard use of steam at higher temperature as the sterilizing agent, this unit also employs the vacuum system for added advantage in the sterilization process.

Quality control:

Our experts check every culture before processing to the next stage. This is being done in a separate area to maintain diseases free culture.

Plant Inoculation Room:

Available with laminar flow benches of 11 nos with a seating capacity off 22 operators, which is fully controlled and sophisticated.

Growth Room:

It has been designed to grow cultures with controlled light, humidity and temperature. Total culture holding capacity is of 2.28 lacs cultures at a time. Growth rooms are equipped with highly modern Air Handling Units and Screw Chiller. Culture racks are fitted with the fluorescent tube lights to ensure optimum availability of light for proper growth of the cultures. The rooms are fumigated periodically to keep the contamination under control. Each growth room has capacity to maintain different temperatures. Growth room area sterility is also maintained to control contamination.

Shade house:

We have 25000 sq mt of the shade house area equipped with foggers and misters for the secondary hardening of the plants Utmost care is taken for selection of proper tray, potting mixture, during washing of plants, water for irrigation. All records pertaining to transfer of plants is maintained for tracking of movement of plants.

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