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Banana Tissue Culture

A banana is an edible fruit, botanically a berry, produced by several kinds of large herbaceous flowering plants in the genus Musa. We at Hybrid Agri Using Banana Tissue Culture to protect the yield from diseases but also help you maximize the yield using cutting edge technology.

The Banana Tissue Culture Plants is prone to many diseases such as “Panama Wilt” which causes the various parts of the plants to turn Yellow and spreads through the infected Rhizome. Mycosphaerella leaf spot, yellow Sigatoka, black Sigatoka, Anthracnose, Moko disease/bacterial wilt are some the other diseases which are prone to a Banana Plant.

Therefore, We offer large-scale production of disease-free Banana Cultivation materials, comparatively uniform plant-stand in the field, early harvesting of superior fruit bunches, round the year availability of the planting materials to maximize production. We are India’s renowned Tissue Culture Banana Plants Supplier

Our  Tissue Culture Banana Process involves:

  • Initiation of aseptic cultures from shoot-tips obtained from disease-free banana plants
  • Multiplication of the shoots to the desired scale.
  • Induction of roots to individual shoots
  • Primary & secondary hardening of the tender plantlets in the poly-house
  • Field-transfer of the hardened Tissue Culture Banana Plants

Advantages of Tissue Culture Banana:
•  The benefits  arising from the  use  of  Tissue culture banana plantlets over conventional suckers are:
•  High yielding progenies of true-to-type, uniform elite clones of different varieties available in large quantities in the tissue culture process.
•  Tissue culture banana plantlets are disease free at the time of planting and the same conditions can be maintained by proper crop management.
•  Tissue culture vigour in the plantlets manifests better growth and performance in the field.
•  Availability of tissue culture plantlets is not constrained by seasonal variation.
•  Uniform maturity for the harvest of the fruits.
•  Ratoon crop is a unique feature of Tissue culture plants.
•  Market-oriented planting of Tissue culture Banana plants gives a better price.
•  Saving of 3 – 4 months cultivation in the field. Three crops in 30 months duration.

Planting Time of Banana Tissue Culture:

Planting of tissue culture Banana can be done throughout the year except when the temperature is too low or too high. The facility of a drip irrigation system is important. There are two important seasons in Maharashtra, India;

  1. Mrig Baug (Kharif) Month of planting June – July.

       2. Kande Baug (Rabi) Month of planting October – November.

But Due to the availability of quality Planting material around the year planting is recommended except during very hot temperature in summer.

Transplanting Banana Tissue Culture:

After growing for 8 to 12 weeks of a secondary nursery, they should be transplanted to the main field. There is no need to cut back the pseudo-stem (the part of the banana plant that looks like a trunk) for tissue culture banana plantlets in polybags.

Pests and Diseases (Plant Care) of Banana Tissue Culture:

As we already mentioned that Tissue culture banana plants are disease free at the time planting. One can grow the Banana crop without any pest disease incidence with good crop management practices. However, to avoid any pest and disease incidents, you can apply 400 to 450 grams of Neem cake along with pit mixture before transplanting in the field. Neem oil or Panchagavya solution can be applied in the second and third month of crop stage.

We help to develop the plants in sterile containers as for its easy movement and also protect it from pests and diseases. Tissue culture Banana at Hybrid Agri also grows to a mature plant very quickly giving you a quick and a wholesome yield. We at Hybrid Agri are producing Grandnaine variety of Banana and have already produced Elakki banana.  Fully grown plants are sold in Polybags or in Jiffy plugs. As Jiffy plugs are lightweight they can be easily transported even in carton boxes to longer distances.

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