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Plant Tissue Culture

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Plant tissue culture is a way to maintain or grow plant cells, tissues using sterile conditions on a nutrient culture medium of known compositions.

We at Hybrid Agri use cutting edge technology and equipment to give our customers high-quality yields of desired plants. We provide tissue culture services for banana tissue culture, bamboo tissue culture, teak tissue culture, potato tissue culture, date palm tissue culture, and pomegranate tissue culture.

Plant tissue culture has various advantages such as:

  1. Quick production of mature plants
  2. The production of exact copies of plants that produce particularly good flowers, fruits, or have other desirable traits
  3. The production of plants in sterile containers that allows them to be moved with greatly reduced chances of transmitting diseases, pests, and pathogens
  4. The production of plants from seeds that otherwise have very low chances of germinating and growing
  5. To clear particular plants of viral and other infections and to quickly multiply these plants as ‘cleaned stock’ for horticulture and agriculture.

We at Hybrid Agri strive to provide our customers with the best available yield using the tissue culture technique. We offer you with minimum resource maximum produce technology.  The tissue obtained from a plant to be cultured is called an explant. Tissue culture technique is also the best method for storing germplasm and maintaining a specific genetic type (Clone). This technique is used in those plants which produce recalcitrant seeds or produce highly variable seeds.

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