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Why is Plant Tissue Culture better than Traditional Farming?

  • “Hey guys, lets meet Ram and Lakhan. They are good friends who have completed their education but they both are now involved into Agriculture. Both of them have adopted to different techniques of farming. Ram belonged to a very poor family but now because of Plant Tissue Culture he has become a Millionaire. Ram gets 4x yield per year. His income has boomed to a great level. So What Plant is Tissue Culture? Plant Tissue Culture is the production of new plants from a small piece of plant tissue or small cells of plants. It is a collection of techniques used to maintain or grow new cells or tissues. Plant Tissue Culture is very advantageous for the society as well as for the farmer. The crops grown by the farmers using this method can be used for a long time. Ram does not need to struggle for cultivating the crops. The process involved is easy and less timing consuming. Basic Steps of Plant Tissue Culture:- 
  • Ram takes a small piece of plant tissue from the growing plant or from the tip of the plant and then places them on a sterile jelly which contains nutrients. 
  • Ram then transfers the growing mass of unorganised plant cells to another jelly containing suitable plant hormones which then develops the roots. 
  • The developed roots along with the unorganised mass in then put to another jelly coltan ing different hormones which stimulate development of shoots. Ram specifically does this process very easily. 
  • The unorganised mass having roots and shoots separate into tiny plantlets. 
  • Finally, Ram then transfers the plantlets into pots or soil where they grow into mature crops. Though this process seems very tiring and time consuming, It is very easy and the crop which grows is very fresh and disease free. I hope Ram agrees with me. Now let’s get to the Advantages of Plant Tissue Culture which are enjoyed by Ram:- 
  • According to Ram Plant Tissue Culture is a very fast technique. He mentions that Thousands of plantlets can be produced in a few weeks time from tiny Plant Tissue or cells. 
  • The crops produced by Ram are disease free. 
  • Ram thanks God for this advantage, farmers adopting Plant Tissue Culture can grow plants Round the year irrespective of weather or season. 
  • Ram has a lot of land, but this type of cultivation requires very little space or area. 
  • According to Ram, It helps to speed up the production of new varieties into the marketplace. I hope that everyone has understood what Plant Tissue Culture and how it makes a man, a millionaire. 
  • Now lets see what Lakhan has become by adopting Traditional farming. He belonged to a middle income family and decided to start performing agriculture activities. In completion to Ram he started doing traditional farming and for that he brought many expensive pesticides and fertilisers. In the start he was doing well with growing crops fast but he used to get a yield of 1x or 2x maximum. So what do we mean by Traditional Farming?. Traditional farming refers to an old age style of farming that involves the use of indigenous knowledge, organic fertiliser and pesticides and belief in God. After planting his crops he used to pray to God every time but still his crops would be attracted to some disease or pets. Lakhan used to struggle a lot with planting his crops. So lets see the process involved with Traditional Farming:- 
  • Shifting cultivation- It is a popular method in Meghalaya and also called the slash and Burn farming g practice and called the Jhum cultivation method. It involves clearing of forest areas for performing agricultural practices and for growing crops over a short time ranging from 1 to 10 years. 
  • Bun or Terrace cultivation- Bun or Terrace cultivation is most commonly practised in the slopes and valleys of Meghalaya. This cultivation has been prevalent for the last decades( maybe that is the reason why Lakhan adopted traditional farming techniques and suffered a loss in the end). I think that’s enough with learning the process of traditional farming because it seems very boring as well as time consuming. Now lets go the disadvantages of Traditional Farming( the reason behind the loss Lakhan suffered): 
  • Traditional methods use simple tools only. 
  • The soil is not loosened. 
  • The plants are not well nourished. This is because Lakhan already gets tired so he is not able to cultivate the plants properly. 
  • Lakhan applies a lot of fertiliser which loosens the fertility of soil. 
  • When Lakhan performs shifting cultivation, large areas of land are unused and yields no crops. 

Lakhan was unable to earn much income because the crops which were produced by his method ( traditional farming ) were spoiled till the time they reached the market for sale. The crips were full of diseases only because he used a lot of pesticides and chemicals. Now, Lakhan cannot even produce new crops on his land because the soil fertility has reduced, due to which the crops will be grown with diseases in it. 

I hope everyone is familiar with both the farming techniques and also with which techniques are better. 

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